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First, this will be part "a" of today's update. Well, we will see what I get done today. I like to post some of the bad stuff, rather than a perfectly clean tank as that is part of a planted tank. I have had many tanks now that never get algae for the life of them but it's just not always the case, even after you feel like you know what you are doing. This was pretty expected though.

I have way too powerful of a light on my tank. I don't mind because I actually like the light spillage in my studio so I don't have to have bright lights on. However, I lowered my light about 4 inches before I left (suddenly) for 9 days or so.

This is what you get with too much light:

Fortunately, most of the algae is just on the glass. It should be a pretty easy clean up. I did get some BGA which is one of my least favorite types of algae to deal with but luckily it seems to only be on plants which I need to trim anyway.

Obviously, too much light. I raised them back to where they were. Because of my light and all the variables, combined with the lack of plant mass, this was far from a surprise. I don't like starting tanks that I know will get algae but I really don't know how to account for the lighting without a par meter so it's totally expected. It should clean up pretty easily as well. Nothing to be concerned about, just need to find the balance.

On a better note, I picked up these lily pipes. I planned to spend around $75-$150 on lily pipes, possibly more. I really didn't want to order them from overseas if I didn't have to, leaving me with DO!Aqua. I found these acrylic ones down in So Cal for $35 total. I am very happy. They have some imperfections in the "U' bends where you can see where salt or sand was used. But, for the money, can't complain at all. They are super well made in every other sense and I will have much more trouble breaking them. Nothing to special but I am super happy about them:

Lastly, I picked up this tank as well. I am trying to rid my bedroom of tanks. It fits great on top of my mini fridge. I sat on it to see how 200lbs did and the fridge didn't budge. I am debating to put it their or in my room. I hate filter noises in my room but love the look. On the fridge, it kind of makes my room seem too "fish oriented" but I can run CO2 to it. I have everything but a light. I don't know if I will used the driftwood or not, I just bought it because it fit the tank so well. This tank will be mostly stems and a foreground as I miss my stems. I have a few stems left left in a scratch up 10 gallon I am getting rid of but nothing special. I will likely start a new journal for this, I don't have a light at the moment. I may use my 10 gallon hood for now, it will be ugly for sure.

Time for me to get to cleaning lol.

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