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poppyseed's 11.4 Kitchen Intrusion

While the rents were out for dinner, I implemented plan "replace 3 gallon ugly aquarium with Mr. Aqua 11.4 on the kitchen counter." I'd call it a success.

The only inhabitant is currently Sir Galahad, the halfmoon plakat betta. He will be joined by my pitbull pleco or maybe a couple otos sometime. I'm not sure I dare with shrimp.

The betta seems happy, judging from the biggest bubble nest I've seen so far:

The flash makes him look more green in the last picture, but the one before it is more true to life.


11.4 gallon Mr. Aqua
27 watt Archaea light
Flourite "dark" substrate
Fluval U1 internal filter, with carbon added

anubias nana
anubias nana 'petite'
java fern
windelov fern
staurogyne repens
a bunch of mosses (java, weeping, taiwan, flame, etc.)
a tiny bit of UG in that emersed log (trying to see if it will flower someday)
cryptocoryne wendtii
Hygrophila difformis ‘variegated’
salvinia minima that tagged along with some moss

Hoping to add some riparium plants in the future.

That's about it for now!

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