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Well... My local nursery said no. Actually I never received a call. Went in and asked. Not only did she not tell anyone, she didn't write my information down.
I asked the guy who runs the pond section and he said the smallest lotus he could get is of the bowl variety. Which reaches 2 - 3 feet tall. I want a teacup of the bowl variety, which reaches 1 - 2 feet tall. That extra potential foot makes alot of difference.

So... On next weeks paycheck I will be ordering a dwarf lily. I was considering going with something a little different but I think I might go with a classic Helvola.
It blooms so much more than any other variety and the flowers are such a delight. Plus it has such a small leaf size.

I'm going to see if its submerged leaves are smaller than my tropical lily since it is a dwarf variety. Plus its surface leaves always have a nice purple mottling to them so it might be interesting.

Also next week will come the soil in the bottom of the pot. And possibly I might be ordering a few marginals. Not sure... Those might come later.
Some floaters are in order. I'm gonna wait for an RAOK to nab some dwarf water lettuce.
I'm gonna have to find some mini marginal as well lol..
Maybe a mini cattail, or iris.
Thats about it.
Once the lily gets delivered I think... Well.. I'll get the lily in and get some floaters and marginals and I believe thats when I'll put the betta in. Let him claim his space and whatnot.
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