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Originally Posted by ObscureAllure View Post
I have to say, we've shopped here for years and they also keep up the aquariums at my husbands work (large Saltwater). They are awesome. Susie (the lady who is always at the front counter) is probably the most knowledgable about fish person I've ever met. They have great prices (higher than some other places, but the quality is higher). They always have clean tanks, beautiful fish, and we've seen a few pretty rare things in there before. When we had a Saltwater tank, they really helped up figure out the upkeep (it was our first SW tank) and they are helping us get into planted tanks now. (They aren't too big on Cichlids, although they do have them.)

For me, they are THE saltwater fish store in the GNO area. (I default to 50 Fathoms for freshwater and cichlids)

If you can make it here, it's SO worth it. Anything that's important we buy from either here or 50 Fathoms.
They are also very willing to special order fish for you.

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