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New Photos. Tank doing well. No shrimp deaths.
Two female CRS's are berried, and I have a lot of RCS babies swimming around. CRS's should give birth soon. Can't wait! Going to buy some BW Bebi for the shrimplets.

On the plant side of things -
Plants are starting to show some potassium deficiency (pin holes in some leaves). Haven't been dosing any ferts, light is on the low side, and CO2 is very low. Inserted a few root tabs today to feed the Amazon swords.

CRS grazing on some peacock moss

The riccia on the stone (left side of tank) is driving me crazy. Probably going to sell it, and attach moss to it instead. My only concern is that the baby shrimp love to hide/eat in the riccia. Don't want to take any out of the tank!
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