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Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
I had my Thalia in a basket. I divided it every year and kept the smaller portion of it and traded the bigger one into the LFS for other ponders. Mini cattails are pretty cool too, or any lilies. Moss also likes these tubs if you can get a handle on algae. Just drape it over the side and it will grow somewhat emergent.
Still have yet to go buy marginals for this lol.
I saw a thalia in person the other day. Very nice plant. I especially like it in giant hedges or bunches. Makes a big impact.

I think my next aquatic purchase might be an Exquisite Teacup of the Bowl lotus or a dwarf lily. And siberian pink cups.

Not for this tub pond though. My next one.
This one.. Well the fish ate all the azolla moss. Which is expected. I intend to pick up more but my local nursery... Which I'm now going to call LN for convenience.
My water lettuce exploded in growth and now I'm pulling out handfuls every morning. Also expected. The frogbit has barely grown at all. Not expected.
The water forget me not filled in real nice and was a giant bush of green and blue. I awoke the other day to find all the leaves completely stripped. Just some bare stems. It looks terrible.
And below it was a particular type of poop I knew a recognized but couldnt quite place. It hit me all of a sudden.. Caterpillar.
I searched for it for a while before I spotted it in the pond munching away on a lily pad.
When I went to get it my goldfish saw my hand and rushed for it. The caterpillar fell in and I found out that my fish can all rush in, rip apart, and eat a whole caterpillar in around 10 seconds.
That's it for this pond.
I think I'm waiting for my LN's to get some other marginals in. They get big batches of the same 5 plants over and over and every moth or so get something interesting in. lol...
Tis a waiting game. I hope the plants can overwinter here.
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