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Talking Noah's 40B Rainbow Garden

I figured I would start a journal for this tank, even though it will be quite a while (hopefully within 6 months) before setting the tank up. This first post will also serve as a storage area for my plans lol.

The 36g I currently have running will be torn down and parts sold off after the 40g is setup. This will be my 5th planted tank, and I will be focusing more on the actual scape than growing plants. I have tried just about every stem I could get my hand on, and have certainly decided on my favorites.

The tank will have a mixture of stems and other plants. I do not mind the maintenance its very calming and relaxing to do.

Tank: 40 Gal Breeder
Filtration: Aquatop CF400uv
Lighting: 36" Aquasun dual T5HO fixture.
CO2: Pressurized system custom built by OldPunk w/ a 5lb tank. Diffused through an inline diffuser.
Substrate: Black Diamond blasting sand w. Rootmedic root tabs.
Fertilizer: EI dosing modified to meet the plant density's need.

Plants: TBD

Fishy Friends: Several small to medium sized Rainbowfish species.

will certainly keep
Melanotaenia Herbertaxelrodi (4) (will move from the 36g)
<del>Melanotaenia Kamaka</del> (4)

optional species
<del>Melanotaenia Gracilis</del> (may be about impossible to find, but I will try)
<del>Melanotaenia Maccullochi</del>
<del>Melanotaenia Solata</del> (another that may not be available at all in the us)
<del>Melanotaenia fluviatilis</del> (goulburn or murray river)
Melanotaenia Nigrans (found a couple people I might be able to get these from)
Pseudomugil Frucatus (decent sized group of these little guys)

I might add a few small bottom dwelling fish as well, hopefully from the same part of the world as the Rainbows (around Australia or New Guinea) I am currently doing research.

There will be a few holdovers that have been with me for years, which include several glowlights. All of my endlers, I mean ALL will go to the LFS lol I have way to many of them.

The plan for the aquascape is to create a fairly large open area with low stem bushes at the rear. A tree stump is planned for the far right with some random stones to add flavor. I currently am looking for the tree stump (6"-8" diameter with horizontal root structure intact, and 16-18" tall.) I might go for a thick carpet of dwarf hair grass (have not done that one in a very long time) with patches of Staurogyne 049 among a rock outcropping in the left side of the tank.

the objective is for as much open space, while keeping a very heavy plant density for the rainbows to play in.

I will probably be adding some pictures of inspiration as I plan this out more.

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