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Originally Posted by weezel77 View Post
took the hour and a half drive to check out the arc 2day. must say im impressed but fish prices seemed a little high to me. i had many questions and was able to get all questions answered as to why my blood stargrass leaves turned to mush cept at the bases. turns out that while i am using ferts i wasnt dosing correctly and they walked me step by step as how to read the water test kits.( i brought a sample of tank water with me) and how to dose accordingly. cant remember the guys name that helped me out but he assures me with the right dosing my stargrass will be fine(thank god). i was able to put an order in for a gold nugget pleco(L-18) and cant wait to make that drive again.!!!! he also suggested that i start a tank log book which i have done going back to when i first started the tank. any one in that area are lucky to have a pet store like that.
You probably spoke to John. He is the owners son but is kinda a douche. I used to go there frequently til he told one of the other employees I am a time waster. I asked a lot of questions and probably at that point spent at least 1500.00 in their store. To only be called a time waster. Screw those guys. I drive up to Bolingbrook IL now where the selection is better and they always have 40% off sales

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