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25 Gallon Lotus Bowl

I'll name this more cleverly later.
Heres the dealio yo.

I was at HomeGoods, scouting for a large glazed pot to put a dwarf grapefruit in (my stepdads fathers day present). When I saw this decently sized wide shallow glazed pot for $80. Seeing as how it was shiny with pretty colours and perfectly shaped for a small tub pond I immediately wanted it.
And seeing how a pot of similar size and colour would have been at least $150 anywhere else, I really wanted it.
After inspection I noticed a small chip in the rim and a hairline fracture near the top.
So naturally I asked for a discount and they gave me 50% off.
So I took it home and figured out what I wanted to do with it.

For a long while I've wanted to own a lotus. And I figured this was the perfect opportunity.

After some research I discovered that there is an extremely dwarf type of lotus that only reaches a max of 1.5 - 2 feet in height. Perfect for a smaller pot. It's called an Exquisite Teacup of the Bowl Lotus.

I think I'm going to go with either a pink one like in the picture.
Or an all white one. Leaning towards white. Maybe a baby doll lotus.
I also found a marginal called Siberian Pink Cups that I really want to add in.

For now it sits empty on my patio.

I got in contact with my local nurseries. And they are having their buyer call me tomorrow. If he can't get me what I want I will have to wait till next spring to order one. Lotus season is over.
If that is the case I intend to plant it with a dwarf lily... Probably a helvola lily since I love them so much. I will keep that in its place till spring and I can replace with the lotus. And lots of floaters. Dwarf water lettuce is going to be used heavily here. I'm also thinking azolla moss.

My planned fauna is a king betta. Plakat and hopefully dragon scale.
Thats my plan.
I'll try and keep you updated on my progress.
As far as the pictures. Please don't judge my yard. A family member died and it laid untouched for years. I've spent the better part of the year completely reworking it. Finally its filled with quality soil and recently planted but its got some more work to go before its near done...
For instance.. I clearly need grass lol..
Let me know what you think!!

Oh! Forgot the soil plan. Still in debate on whether or not to pot the lotus. But from my research I think I like the look of them when you just fill the pot with soil and let it run wild. I hear these things love composted manure. So I'm laying down a 3 inch layer of composted horse manure (great stuff, I plant my tomatoes in pure composted horse manure and they adore it) and capping it 6 inches of pond soil. After that there is gonna be around 6 inches of water on top for the betta.
The marginals and all the other plants are just going straight in. I plan on tearing it apart and reworking the pot completely and replanting in spring every 3 years or so.
Knowing me my plan will change drastically once it gets down to doing it.
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