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To the comment about clean rocks. I clean mine with a toothbrush as well. As you'll see in the next few pics, they get nice and green.

Here's a shot of the large trim I did. Siphoning out the water, Protecting fish/shrimp with the net.

After trim.

11 days later (today)

To help with algae... a new light fixture. Sun Blaster 1x24W T5HO 6400k. I decided that raising my 2x24w Glo fixture another 6 inches would be ridiculous. Can you say light spill?

I tried a 10000k bulb, but the colour was a little too blue. I bought the reflector as well, which snaps on easily. Total cost from my local hydroponics store was around $40 CAD. Bulbs are around $8, and if they only last 6months, it'll be still be worth it.

This is currently hanging about 6" above the tank = ~18" from substrate. I swapped it out a day or 2 after the trim and everything is growing great.
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