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Pet Market Place was a definite favorite, but I'm always impressed with Tropical World Pets, those guys know their stuff and are very knowledgeable and friendly. They just don't have the selection or prices that pet market place had.

It's unfortunate, but mom and pop LFS's are getting killed and petkills are going up every other week. I was at petco the other day (I know, I should be ashamed...) and watched a lady buy a tomato clown for her daughter, and a small bowl and a thing of API Aquarium salt, all at the recommendation of the employee there. After he walked away I mentioned to her that that wouldn't work, and that a clown needs a sophisticated saltwater setup, she just said 'I think he knows what he's talking about, he works here, thank you very much'. So there ya go, answered my own question, that's why LFS's can't survive. Telling you that you have to invest $500 minimum to get that little clownfish isn't as good for your bottom line as saying "Here's a cheap glass bowl it'll work fine... no refunds"

Anyway, before I get too long winded, tropical world is great, definitely suggest there. I've noticed that their old saltwater room is closed up and has been for quite some time. Are they 'downsizing' or planning something new? Sure hope it's not the former, dunno what I'd do if we lost TWP!
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