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Haven’t posted for a couple of days. I have had a really busy week.

Been getting everything I need for my DIY conduit hanger/stand. I have pretty much everything that I need now.

The list right now of what I still need to get is:
  • 1/2” hose
  • 5/8” hose
  • Hose adapter (1/2” x 5/8”) (Because I got the wrong size barbs on my heater)
  • Cable clamps or ferrules for 1/16” cable on light hanger
  • Filter media
  • Carbon media
  • Regulator parts/solenoid (Messaged btimmer 92 for the solenoid. Waiting for him to get back from vacation).
  • The end of July to come!
Can’t really think of anything else at this point. I am trying to get the stand all together as fast as I can so that I can put it in place and then put my scape together. I think that I will have time to do that tomorrow evening and Saturday.

I had bought a Woods power bar with built in digital timers, but after reading a bunch of reviews on those digital timer power bars, I decided against it. Instead, I got a nifty swivel surge protector that has lots of room to put timers on it ( and am going to get either digital or mechanical individual timers. This at least gives me the advantage of modifying in the future, and it is a lot better quality (and less sketchy) then the all-in-one digital timer power bar.

Currently planned list of power users:
  • Lights – Timed (Probably about 2pm-11:30pm daily. May have it on in the morning for a bit before we got to work.)
  • CO2 Solenoid – Timed (Probably 1pm-11pm)
  • Filter – Constant
  • Heater – Constant
  • Lunar light – Timed (Possible future addition)
  • Airstone – Timed (Possible future addition)
On another note, last week I ordered my new computer. Got the newly updated MacBook Pro 15", with a 1TB HD and glossy high res screen. I decided against the new retina version as it is not fixable/modifiable. Not a good combination for a computer! Got it in the mail yesterday, 1 week after i ordered it! It’s pretty slick and it’s a whole lot faster than my 6 yr old MBP! I will probably swap out the HD for a flash drive and upgrade the ram, but that won't be for a while yet.

Peace out,
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