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Originally Posted by akdylpickles View Post
Man I really want one! That's a pretty good price too. Just have to fit it in the budget :P what else are you going to get aside from the tanks and amazonia?
Thank you for the interest. Here is my possible list besides tanks and substrate:

-Bacter 100 (substrate additive/biological filtration food)
-power sand

-tourmaline BC

"Tourmaline BC is a mineral compound of iron, aluminium, sodium, boron, lithium and magnesium which are gradually dissolved, enriching water of important elements. Tourmaline BC is an electrostatic mineral that increases roots plant nutrition. In particular Glossostigma Elatinoides grows 50% more than its normal development." -ADG

-panac w 200g

"Penac W helps to improve the substrate environment. Sprinkle the Penac W powder at the very bottom of the substrate layer. Highly recommended as an additive towards improving aquarium ecosystem health.

Primarily, it prevents the substrate from becoming anaerobic and improves the substrate environment (when applied at the bottom of the substrate upon setup). It also can be added directly to aquarium water in case of an oxygen shortage (such as in the case of co2 overdose), causing rapid oxygenation of the water.

Apply 3 Spoonfuls (included with Penac W) to the bottom of the Aquarium when setting up new substrate in a 60cm (24 inch) aquarium (such as 60-P, 60-F, etc)." -ADG

-Penac p

"Penac P improves the immune system that plants have naturally while promoting more healthy growth. It is commonly used for both horticultural and agricultural purposes.

This substrate additive improves the soil substrate system by helping plants spread roots and grow in healthier and has been a mainstay of Takashi Amano for years. It is extremely effective for plants such as cryptocoryne and echinodorus that suffer from root swelling problems.

Apply 3 Spoonfuls (included with Penac P) to the bottom of the Aquarium when setting up new substrate in a 60cm (24 inch) aquarium (such as 60-P, 60-F, etc)."-ADG

Any aquascape tools or smaller items can be included in this order. Please let me know and I will get it on the pallet to save on shipping.

You always think that after this next project your tanks will be complete...there is no 'complete' in this hobby. There will always be something new
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