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I will do my best to have all those answer's for you by this weekend, I have been digging around on the sulfur NFO and so far I have found nothing noting that it is a "needed" nutrient, I believe that therer is some "S" in dGh of our tap water, and Seachem root tabs also have lots of "S" in them.
I will continue to dig out this info for you.

How are you plant's resonding to the KCI, Fleet and greenlight you are providing for them?

Originally Posted by Oqsy
Does anyone have an answer to this? I'm dosing with what I believe to be a pretty darn good translation of the numbers from the first post in my 29, with the sulphur obviously being lower, and the K+ from KCl being a little fuzzy. Is there anything at all to the SO4, or is it just filler and an easy way to get more K+ into solution?


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