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Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
We all have to start our tank from some starting point, bro!!

What plants do you have in there as of right now? I see a Rotala ("colorata" maybe?), a sword, a few different crypts, and a ludwigia (ovalis? repens?)....
Plants I have include (spelling is bound to be bad).....

Hygrophila Defformis
Java Fern
Java Windelov Fern
Egeria Densa
Rotala Indica
Oriental Sword (pink leaves)
Hygrophyla Corymbosa
Ludwigia Repens (Broad Leaf)
Amazon Sword
Needle Leaf Ludwigia
Purple Cabomba (one stem)

I also have one of those dwarf lily bulbs in there waiting for it to sprout.

I am planning on adding some crypts later along with some anubias. I am taking a break from buying plants so I am having to grow my own for this tank. So I am hoping I can get some of my other plants to grow faster.
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