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Can someone tell me how to intertwine the pictures into the text? That'd be great to know how to do lol.

Anyways, here are the current specs of this tank

75 gallon tank
Light: 4x54 watt Catalina T5HO - I need to buy timers still but I only run one bank of lights for about 10 hours currently, I know this might seem like much without CO2 but I will cut back when algae starts becoming an issue, I will also be doing burst lighting with the second bank once I have timers I can play with
Substrate: 5 bags of Eco-Complete, mix of red and black, along with some of the original gravel ontop of this, mainly just for the look of it
Heater: I forget what exactly but it is by eheim and is inline, I have it set at 78 because I don't want to go higher, but I can if I ever need to due to disease or anything
Filtration: 2 eheim 2217, I also have 2 airstones on a 60 gallon airator pump that I run at night and feel like mentioning, I also do 30%-50% water changes at least once weekly, though sometimes more if I just feel like it (never a bad thing to do really lol)
Ferts: Currently none, anyone want to recommend to me some dry ferts I should purchase? I am planning on getting some eventually, but should I wait to get CO2 first? I need opinions on this. Speaking of CO2, anyone have any opinions on how I should accomplish this? I have never messed with CO2 before, but I really do want to/know I should with these kinda lights.

Now for the fun part, the plants and the fish I am keeping :P

1 Blood Parrot @7"
6 Angelfish @4" and then 2"
3 Rainbow Cichlids @4"
1 Geophagus Brasiliensis @6"
5 Pearl Gourami @4"
1 Endli Bichir @15"
1 Albino Sen Bichir @8"
1 Mystery Pleco @7" (he's been this size for years, and I know he is a species that stays this size, I looked it up on planet catfish once but totally forget which Hypostomus it is )
16 Mystery Snails, mostly quarter sized
100+ MTS (I am prepared for the inevitable invasion of the snails...though tbh I don't even see them at night so :shrugs

Dwarf Hairgrass (that is currently under the gravel and I am waiting for it too root and spread and take over, or just fail epicly XD)
Red Tiger Lotus (that I kinda want to grow taller but its been spreading out horizontally and simply looking nice so its all good)
H. araguaia (that I got for free with an order so I'm not exactly sure what to do with it)
C. wendtii (I am making it form a ring around my not doing so hot Rose Sword that is soon to be accompanied by an Aflame that will be doing much better lol)
C. calaminstratum (I had it under low lights, it wasn't doing well, but it is starting to put out roots and beginning to perk up, even though it looks rather sad and depressing now)
Banana Plants (there are doing incredibly well though I am still waiting for them to try and send leafs up to the top, but thats fine if they don't as well, leafs are bigger than my hand)
Rose Sword (used to be impressive but then ALL the leafs rotted off from the root ball and now it has 2 new really small crowns and not very impressive root growth, I will see if this can make a come back or not)
Ludwigia repens (its doing alright, but some of it gets uprooted every now and then so it could be doing better)
Ludwigia glandlosa (same deal as the repens but is doing significantly better and is not getting uprooted as much, I have high hopes for this plant)
H.corymbosa (its big, its beefy, and once it roots I am going to be estatic, some of it still comes up a little bit but I know what these plants can do, some of my leafs are even a little reddish, which I'm hopping will only increase when CO2 and ferts are added)
Rotala macrandra (its pretty and pink, I hope I eventually get it to be a vibrant red but for now I just want it to take root better, since stem plants get knocked loose in this setup, but I know its not impossible, just difficult)
Madagascar Lace (these plants have a story for sure, the first one I had to essentially remove the bulb but shockingly the plant is recovering and spending out leafs and even seems to be forming a new bulb, and I hope that the high lights and the eventual CO2 and ferts make this a lush plant, my second lace plant is sort of okay, sending out new leaves and roots and all, but parts of the bulb began rotting so there is some exposed white in the bulb from where I had to remove the mush stuff, and is it just me or do lace plants have a really bad smell?)
Amazon Frogbit (I need to give some of this to a friend to help them deal with green water, but the plant is doing well)
Red Root Floater (same as the Frogbit)
Java Fern Windelov (I've had terrible luck with Java Fern in this tank, but Windelov seems to be doing okay for me, once I add ferts and CO2 I hope this plant begins to take over the wood its on, some of it has already rooted into it as well)
Anubias Barteri (its rooted into the wood and the roots are even sinking into the substrate, its growing, I am happy)
Anubias Nana (its rooted, tied the roots up a bit to get it more firmly rooted, but its growing and I am happy)
Anubias Petite (this has a story, originally I bought this years ago as a Nana or Barteri and my silver dollars destroyed it, I then placed it in my low tech 10 gallon and it didn't do anything, so I then grew it emerged in a little cup for a few months and it didn't do anything really either, just put out a few really small leafs, then I put it into this tank and it started putting out more leafs and growing out its roots, though the roots are still looking for a place to attach into the wood, however the leafs are now growing like anubias petite and it has been putting out a good chunk of little mini leafs no bigger than a pinkie nail, so why it decided to become a petite idk, but I like it and its doing well)

I shall do updates on this whenever something new happens. I have a good chunk of plants left that I want, and I need what I have to root better and fill in, and then I can start trimming and re-planting eventually. I do want opinions on CO2 and dry ferts, but I also want opinions on increased flow and surface agitation. I am considering changing out my spray bars on the eheims to lilly pipes, would that help with flow and agitation? Or should I just get a few power heads to break up the water surface? I run the air pump at night so I get more than enough aeration then, but I am slightly concerned about the day time, especially when I get CO2 involved in the mix.

Again, how do I put pictures within the text? Lol, thanks for looking through this and reading the massive walls of text I produce :P
P.S. excuse the water marks, I'm bad about that or don't notice until after the pictures have been taken, I'm still learning with pictures here lol
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