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So, about a month ago I joined these forums. While I can say that it doesn't look like a lot has changed in terms of this tank, believe me, the core of what makes it all run has

I realized that before, my tank was only running 2 t8's, with a poor reflector, and that I needed higher lights for the plants I wanted. So after intense amounts of research I managed to get this monster from Catalina. 4x54 watt t5ho with 8 led moonlights, 48" across. They threw the legs in for free for me, along with the moonlights which was very nice , I'd recommend these to anyone. The lights can light up practically my entire basement, and I love it :P.

After the addition of my lights, I decided to finally start pursuing the addition of plants to this tank. As much as I like the tank, I know its no where near where I want it to ultimately be. I started using aqua bid for the first time ever, and have bought a nice little hoard of mystery snails and various stem plants to try out, along with some nice floating plants.

Then, a few weeks after that, I managed to finally figure out what I wanted to do with my one lone angelfish, and how I wanted to add new buddies for the old bloke. I decided to experiment and see what he responded to, and ended up buying these from the lfs, 3 little guys and 2 adult golds. My original angel can be told apart due to the orange dot on his snout, along with the fact that his right gill plate is a little messed up and exposes the gill a tad. As far as the other 2 golds, one of them has a black splotch under his eye, kinda reminding me of Rocky a tad :P, while the other has no real identifying features. As far as the 3 little guys, I know one is just considered a silver, but the other 2 are considered ghosts right? I know one of them is a half black, by the looks of it anyways, but and both ghosts have some hints of blue and a steel blue/grey going on, which I really like.

Phew, finally, everything is more or less up to date. I'm still buying more and more plants and waiting for things to grow in, along with getting timers and eventually a pressurized CO2 system. There are a few fish I plan on adding as well, nothing much but just wanted to mess around a little bit. I actually have an order from gordonrichards that should be here in a few days, which I am excited for

I'll post the specs and stock list of this tank in the next post

P.S. Aside from richard, whom I mentioned already, I would like to thank the aquabid users Archaquatic, Gu2high, and P_volitan for their excellent service and stock .
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