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There's something about that first ADA/Rimless tank, they just have that elegance and simplicity to them that tickles your visual cortex in just the right way

Read through all of the set up posts, didn't go much passed that though; it's 4:30am and I've had a beer or two. You've definitely got everything down, I'm expecting a top notch scape. On a side note, I really like your writing style. I took an East Asian art course last semester at TCNJ and it was nice to see someone actively incorporating Wabi-Sabi aesthetics... fleeting beauty, transient imperfection, that feeling of slight melancholy because you know nothing lasts forever... it's also why I prefer Iwagumi.

It seems like you really know how to grow whatever you want, and based on the seiryu arrangements, you have the essentials of hardscaping down as well. I really like how you have the patience to set up hardscapes and then completely tear them down to accommodate new ideas and a fresh set of rested eyes.

I was surprised by your preferences in tank dimensions though. I really have a great preference towards tanks that are 1/2 as high as they are long. Thus the 90P and 120H are my favorite tanks, closely followed by the 180P, my dream tank. I'm constantly wishing my 75P was a 90P... I got it when I was 14 and didn't have the spare cash for the extra 6" length.

Will be following this tank's progression for sure, you better make me appreciate the fleeting beauty of nature with this one
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