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I have found/read this NFO somewhere along the way at one time or another, I will try to dig it up again, and post it just for you buddy!
Just so you know, for instance, Fe, is not an easy thing to test for in such small amount's, so, you will be wise in my book, not to get to bound by number's/test kit reading's, I have found that most people that get into trouble with their tank's with algae's of one form or another are relying to much on a number/$10 test kit, while their +/-$1000-Tank/plant's suffer...


Originally Posted by scolley
Craig - I'm sure this is kidstuff for all you dry dosers out there, but would you mind posting the levels your recommended doses will raise the levels of a given macro/micro? For instance (I'll show my dry fert ignorance here)...

Tank's (1)
+/-1/4Tsp-KN03 3x a week - raises K by X ppm, N by Y ppm
+/-1/16+Tsp-KH2P04 3x aweek - raises K by X ppm, P by Y ppm
+/-1/16+Tsp K2S04 3x a week - raises K by X ppm
+/-5ml Trace 3x a week - unknown
+/-1-2ml Fe/Iron 3x a week - raises Fe by X ppm

What we are ultimately providing is macros/micros and having a corresponding understanding of the impact of the added would be great - at the very least an understanding of macro/micro uptake rates. Thanks.

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