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Craig - I'm sure this is kidstuff for all you dry dosers out there, but would you mind posting the levels your recommended doses will raise the levels of a given macro/micro? For instance (I'll show my dry fert ignorance here)...

Tank's (1)
+/-1/4Tsp-KN03 3x a week - raises K by X ppm, N by Y ppm
+/-1/16+Tsp-KH2P04 3x aweek - raises K by X ppm, P by Y ppm
+/-1/16+Tsp K2S04 3x a week - raises K by X ppm
+/-5ml Trace 3x a week - unknown
+/-1-2ml Fe/Iron 3x a week - raises Fe by X ppm

What we are ultimately providing is macros/micros and having a corresponding understanding of the impact of the added would be great - at the very least an understanding of macro/micro uptake rates. Thanks.

Steve - 33g reef and a 180g planted in need of a re-scape.
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