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The tear down

I took down the old layout, and had about enough plant matter to fill a 60-P (24" x 14" footprint).

In taking out the old main stone, I had forgotten just how large the stone was - removing it revealed a gaping chasm of untouched aquasoil and a root density from the plants so thick that there was nothing but a wall of white surrounding it.

Before the tear down, I of course got a final shot for IAPLC - but you'll have to wait to see that photo for a while, unfortunately.

Onwards, to the new layout

With the amount of plant matter I had, I was lucky that's wanted to reuse much of the same plants. It's important to have a degree of repetition as you learn, so you can truly master how each plant grows for increasingly complex layouts.

Divider for sand and aqua soil - sand in the front and Bacter 100, Clear Super, Tourmaline BC, Penac W and Penac P under where the Aqua Soil Amazonia will go

For this layout I want to use sand and the new Unzan stone - sand + Riccia is a combo I've longed wanted to do. I briefly thought about driftwood and stems, but I have stems going in the 60-P and I really wanted to use Unzan stone, so that won the day.

You can see in the above photo my make shift divider for where aqua soil is - I used all of the substrate additives to create that base of bacteria and acidity neutralizing positive effects of Penac, etc (which, evidently is used in Germany to remove toxic sludge from environments and aid in root development of new plants).

Final Fantasy divider and AQUASKY - a match made in heaven.

A fun filled fact - Square is the same age I am - and company launched in the same month no less!

Being too lazy to take photos of Riccia stone tying and hair grass planting, I'll move on:

Unzan stone has nifty pockets which can be filled with aqua soil (or have a wabi kusa planted in them) - since I haven't got a wabi kusa that size - I've opted to fill with aqua soil, but first I put one spoon of Bacter 100 and Clear Super in the pockets before filling with aqua soil - this way the tennellus I plan to put there has direct access to the same beneficial effects.

Mini M layout: Shimmer Sands


Dwarf Hair Grass (eleocharis acicularis)
Riccia Fluitans
E. tennellus


Unzan stone

Nile Sand + Aqua Soil & Additives - no power sand this time since the slope in the back isn't as dramatic and there is only limited areas of soil.

Dosing, first week:

Brighty K ( 1 squirt) + Green Bacter (5-6 drops)

Once the roots of the tennellus get established I'll trim them down to the base - right now they're a bit overbearing.
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