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Collecting wood can be quite simple---if we take our time! That means a bit of thinking about what we want and why. If we just grab the first item without regard for how dry it might be, we often wind up with tough questions to work through. Things like the often asked, "how do I get rid of tannins?" The best way to get rid of tannins is to choose carefully! It is not a quarantee of course but it is a far better shot than trying to remove it.

Most of us need a break now and then from sitting in front of the computer. I find it works really well for me to go get some old clothes on and go out walking. It is amazing to me how many people can't find wood and rocks right here in my area. If you are not the sort that gets out much, there is a way to improve your odds and cut wasted time. Take a look at some of the aerial mapping sites and study the lakes around your area. Get in close and look at the shoreline in the backs of coves for areas where wood may collect. If you can see it in a an aerial photo, think how much there will be if you are standing on the spot!!! Then it is your job to be careful in your chose of wood.

Get out there and get dirty--- it's good for you.
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