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I'm considering Ada substrate for all of these tanks I know cycling takes longer. Other than that is there anything else I should be concerned about as far constant rooting and uprooting of plants or shrimp problems my research concludes it will be fine but I always value a second/experienced opinion.

I am also working on water flow I know for the farm I will need a lot more than a regular old tank. I have kept and am keepin large ei based tanks with multiple canisters, but on a 10g I was thinking power heads for flow, I will have no fish so I will not need filtration and I will be doing weekly 50% wc anyway. what gph should a power head be for farm tanks ,and for the shrimp tanks( wich will be planted). I was thinking ac20's with spounge prefilters is this enough or should I go for ac50 or something entirely different?

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