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This store does trade ins for credit

Hi I live in Rochester and have had great experience with J&K Megapet in Wabash. Not only have they given me fair credit for fish i traded in but also for merchandise. For example i bought an Aqueon glass canopy at another store and it was to long for my tank by .8" so they gave me full credit(actually made $6) I've also traded in a Clown Loach which i had just purchased at another store (20mins b4 i went there) paid $4 they gave me $8 credit. Also traded in a Kribensis for $7. Then i traded in the used 55 i bought (that leaked) for $20 (I could've made more but i was honest and told them it leaked) then bought a new 55(my bro made a custom stand 55 on top 2 10s underneath) $99 for tank alone $130 for combo(so i bought the combo which also saved me $34 on glass canopy) then the owner gave me $40 credit for the strip light (i didn't need it cause i had them order me a Marineland single bright led) now for the best part they will match any price i find online (without even asking for a printout or link) so they ordered my led and price matched it for $88 (48"-60" model) anyway to sum it up as far as pet supplies go this is the place to go to(they also have about 30 freshwater tanks and a 2000gallon freshwater pond stocked with everything from oscars to gars to koi to pacus etc) I've been to over 30 different stores over the last year (warsaw, south bend, mishawaka, logansport, kokomo, chicago, merryville"the ark is nice too", etc) and this is one of the best. to sum up they will most likely be fair to you for your guppys but to be safe call 1st but even if they wont take them go check it out. I'm confident that you'll be impressed.
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