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Originally Posted by Sethjohnson30 View Post
Attachment 49081I just spotted a plant in that riparium I currently have potted is this the draecena I believe it's called and is it safe for fish/amphibians I have an axolotle in my riparium

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I don't see why not. I saw someone else use Draecena in a riparium and their fish didn't die. I think it did outgrow the environment though.

Anyways: Version 1 of Goob's 30 gallon tall riparium is well under way. Today I went to my other LFS and got some Lace Java Fern for the rafts, Dwarf Sag, Val nana, and a pot of narrow leaf micro sword that I'm going to try to grow emersed (separate experiment). I also obtained some more stones from around the neighborhood and sprinkled a few pebbles on the sand.

I also put the cryptocoryne 'tropica' and the brazillian sword together in one hanging planter. Let the best plant win. I propagated all leftovers in my 10g.


Tank with top on, humidity at work.
Click image for larger version

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Not such a great picture
Click image for larger version

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I really hope that Lace Java Fern works out and fills up.
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The bottom: Val Nana, Dwarf Sag, Java Fern, Brazillian Sword, Lace Java Fern, Anubias Barteri Nana, Cryptocoryne wendtii 'bronze'
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Narrow shot:
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Look from up top:

Click image for larger version

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Tomorrow I'm going to clean out the filter media in the submersible filter. Thinking of adding a few drops of some liquid ferts give the plants a little something to work with. But yeah I'm at a good spot with this. Probably not going to add fish for another 2+ weeks. Not quite sure yet about the fauna list. For sure Cherry Barbs.

Hope you all have enjoyed the thread
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