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Hello guys,

great work! I installed the code on my Arduino Uno (with DS1307) and it works perfect!
I build a lamp with two strings (? or circuits?), one with warm white and one with cold white LEDs to simulate the sunrise. The lamp is driven by 2 PT4115 constant current regulators with 24V at ~1,1A. So I have round about 50W LED light power!

The only problem is now, how can I switch the 2 PWM outputs separately? For example: ww begins at 8h for 1h and after 45min the cw starts. Now it starts simultaneously.

It is possible to reduce the time for the moonlight? I think 2h (22-0) is enough.

The feature list says it is possible: "Flexible timing logic. You can do anything you want (with minor modifications) so long as it's on a 24hr cycle."


PS: Sorry for my bad english, I hope u understand me.
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