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Okay pics. I'm having a tough time deciding which of these plants should go in my last hanging planter: Crypt wendtii red, or Crypt bronze, or Brazilian Sword. Would it be plausible to put 2 species in one planter? Or are any of these able to handle a raft?

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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Spathiphyllum planted successfully.

Click image for larger version

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From left-Right: Annubias barteri nana, Sweet Flag, Spathiphyllum 'Golden Glow', Hypoestes, Dracaena, Spathiphyllum peace lilly.

I took more pictures, but the lighting was kind of off so just these for now.

Today (Wednesday) I'm going to my other LFS to hopefully get the Vals and Dwarf Sags for the submerged areas, and the Java Fern Wendilov for the rafts. And whatever else is looking good. More pics to come.
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