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So one of my LFS was closed today because they're closed on Tuesdays. I felt like a huge dumbass taking a bus all the way there to find out. I've been there 5 times I should have known. BUT:

My other LFS source got their new shipments in today and I got the first catch in the freshwater plants. They have a "potted plants $4.99 each buy 3 get 1 free." So I got 2 crypts, a crypt wendtii 'bronze' and a crypt wendtii 'tropical.' The other plant was a Brazillian Sword. I've found mixed views on whether this plant can survive submerged but it can for sure and probably more ideally be emersed because it's a type of spathiphyllum. I also snuck a pot of annubias on ($7.99) but that made my free plant and now that's on a trellis raft.

My dad is currently playing Age of Empires III on the other computer where the pictures are so I'll post them when he's done.
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