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Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
I can't try it, because I have more than enough nitrogen in all my tanks without dosing any. That's the problem with any all-in-one mix.

One suggestion. You acknowledge that extra K+ will probably be needed. But more K2SO4 probably won't dissolve. So why not add the same amount of Mg from magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts)? That will reduce the NO3 content, which can be made up for with KNO3; increasing the overall K content.
the goal was trying to avoid too much kno3 while keeping the Mg and Ca in the solution, i was trying to keep everything in good amount, the main source of nitrogen from this solution is Urea, Kno3 is something i extracted from Mg and Ca nitrate, if i added this from kno3 only then i wont able to add mg and ca nitrate or i will have to add it in less amount. the point was to avoid too much kno3 while keeping everything else in the solution. K2SO4 was used separate for the same reason, to avoid too much kno3, it does dissolve fine in the 1000ml solution.

you have to try the solution first then we will find out for sure.
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