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Ultilmate fertilizer for faster plant growth

i been working on this fertilizer for while now and it seems to work very well, ingredients are very similar to most fertilizers, but this fertilizers use combination of many different sources of chemicals to make it even work better. for example: you are not adding nitrate through KNO3 only, but in this ferts you are adding it through urea, Ca nitrate, Mg nitrate etc. stems plants responded to this very well and you will notice the difference when you dose this fert. according the plant response and those who tested it, this fert had faster growth than the EI dosing.

Original formula tested with results

1000ml solution
Urea (7 gram)
calcium nitrate (10 gram)
Magnesium nitrate (10 gram)
CSM+B (20 gram)
DTPA 11% (5 gram)
K2SO4 (30 Gram) (do not add this to solution due to solubility issue, dose separate as mentioned)
Ascorbic Acid (1g)
Potassium Sorbate (0.5g)
MnSO4 (1 gram) Optional, last time i added it to the solution, it seems to cause no issue, Mn is very important along with Fe.

Dosing: 20ml everyday for 50g high tech tank, reduce the dosage if you have low tech tank. at the water changes you should add 20ppm of K+ through K2SO4, you can also use GH booster to achieve the same, i highly recommend using GH booster. you notice that i did not say anything about the Phosphate dosing, that is because i did not want to mix it with this solution, you can make separate solution or dose EI style dry, you should dose 1ppm of PO4 3x week. The best time to dose this ferts is when the lights are already on for the first hour or so. people with higher Ph 7> should be careful when dosing this ferts, as you can see that it contain urea which could cause problem for those with higher PH.

Water Changes: I changed 50% water every 2 weeks while dosing this ferts with no problem, but you can still do you 50% water change weekly if you like that routine. i also use 100% RO water in my tank, i do not use any KH buffering.
my water parameter:
100% RO Water
KH 0
Gh 2-3
PH 6<
water temp 78F

Make sure your co2 levels are good, if you forget to dose Phosphate and K+ then you might see no difference in plant growth and it will be complete fail. if you decide to use K2SO4 instead of Gh booster, i recommend that you add Ca (about 20-30ppm) and Mg (6-8ppm) through Mg/Ca sulfates.

storing the solution: i recommend that you keep it cool and keep it in the dark (fridge is highly recommended).

Reason for K2so4 to react when used in the solution:

the reaction we were seeing in the solution was caused by K2so4 and CaNo3, when you mix these together they form KNO3 and leave behind all the sulphate from K2SO4 siting on the bottom of the solution. so you get no Ca at all in the solution, you do get more K+ without adding more KNO3, all the SO4 is removed which you don't want too much of it anyway.

as you can see in the video plants were growing at 3ppm of Ca from 1tsp GH booster once a week or during water changes, after all we don't need that much Ca.

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