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little update, for my Dry Start Method.

lilaeopsis is doing great while immersed, i also had some other grass plant (dont know the name), basically i bought 2 pots of the other grass plant and one pot of lilaeopsis.

lilaeopsis is doing great ,shooting new leaves and didn't show any transition effect at all (i.e no leaves melted down), unlike the other grass plant which melted down in the first week, old leaves turned brown and melted but now growing new leaves again.

Green pennyworth is doing great and growing.

Water wisteria seems to be showing transition effect as the leaves are getting brown( have heard that water wisteria when grown immersed have a different leave structure than grown submersed). so will wait till it melts as well and start getting new leaves.

Rotala still looks like going through the transition effect. I have cut the rotala stems into smaller stems and replanted behind the tree. it still not showing much growth.

nothing diff at this stage, just looking same as before, just a bit more growth with microsword.

just a quick questions guys anyone who can give me some suggestion. its abt micro sword grass, it looks like the roots and the plants are on top of the soil rather than inside the soild. can i add some more aqua soil and cover the grass with aquasoil or just leave it for now and it will slowly grow like a carpet..
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