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Nice scape! That is a lot of rocks, I'm pretty sure it will raise heavy TDS... So I don't know about shrimp. I only has 2-piece (15lb worth) of seiryu stones in hoping it will not raise the TDS too much. As for the light I have the same, you might want to raise it atleast 5" above the tank. I have my fixture 7" above the tank right now. I will raise it again probably 10" above the tank so I can extend my lighting period at night. For the filter I used to run Eheim 2213 on my tank but find that a little lack of flow (because I place intake and out put on the same side I the tank). I use Eheim 2217 now and yes... It's a bit too much flow with 200+ gph. What I'm going to do is to load my 2217 with more cocoa puffs to slow the flow a bit.

Overall your tank is looking great! Can't wait till what kind of stand you are going to put on.
*just saw the vid. Hamster lol!
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