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Thanks for the input, talontsiawd Yeah, it's tough to make any calls right now, really. However, if I can narrow it down to one or two possible layouts it'll make it easier when I get the tank. To be honest, I don't even know if the stones will support themselves the way I'd like. I'll just have to see.

I don't know the terminology either, really, haha... just what I have read in a few articles. I've read it referred to as a "lord" or "master" but only in quotations. However, it seems to be a literal reference. The only ones I'm sure of are the Crane and Turtle. That's present in the first and last layouts. The crane would be a tall stone, and the turtle would be a low, flat stone.

I tried turning those rocks on the left in (#2, I'm assuming?) as it's currently set up in this layout. It does bring the eye back to the center more. It's still very energetic, though. The trouble is, I have two distinct focal points in that layout and I think that's whats giving it so much energy. I'd just have to be ok with that. The others really only have one, so they feel more relaxed - especially with the long low sloping lines.
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