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Ok, NOW I think I am done done.

So, at the beginning of the day, I had the shrimps in a vase. I compared the water hardness in both the vase and the tank. The vase's water was very hard, and the tank's water was very soft.

I filled my mister up with RO water and sprayed it into the vase at the rate of a few squirts every 10 or so minutes. And, I topped off my tank with a gallon of Crystal Geyser spring water. After about a few hours or so, I tested the water again. The results showed that water from the vase and tank had close to equal all 6 parameters that the Tetra test strip tests.

Then, I put some tank water into the vase to acclimate the shrimps. Finally, I moved the shrimps over to their new home.

About a week ago before I started rescaping, I had 5 snowballs and 2 crs. When I moved the shrimps over to the vase, so I can rescape the tank, I counted only 4 snowballs and 2 crs. And, I didn't even find a body. Do shrimps eat the entire body of their fallen comrades?

Anyways, here's a view of my tank from where I am typing.

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