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Wow, thanks! Glad it could be an inspiration.

I toyed a bit with the stone arrangements today, but succeeded in only one original layout. I'll throw up the pictures later. I have narrowed it down to two possibilities, but I think I'll hold off the decision until I get the tank. I chose my plants today as well.

Hemianthus callatrichoides
Riccia fluitans
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
Rotala indica
Eleocharis acicularis

I've used all of these before except the hydrocotyle. This will allow me to feel confident with the plants in such an ambitious layout (well, ambitious to me, anyway). I have some mini pellia in another tank that I might use to contrast the riccia and hc. There is an awful lot of light green in there, haha...

I have some Amanos on order, and I'll likely pickup some otos locally. I have 30 glow line tetras I'll put in with maybe a few Celebes rainbows for variety. I have to be careful or this will turn into a zoo, haha... I tend to do that.

The pattern here is restraint. I haven't limited myself much before, so I'm implementing that now. I don't want to go too crazy with this just yet. Keep it simple. Clean. Maybe opt for one of the simpler less cluttered layouts I tested...
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