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Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s View Post
That's a great looking cabinet you have there. I also like the petrifed wood. Can't wait to see this tank up.
Thanks, I received the petrified wood on yesterday and it's amazing. I'm really excited to see how what I have in my "minds eye" translates into this build.
Originally Posted by sayurasem View Post
Nice stand!
Thanks - Initially I was less than pleased, but it's growing on me. One challenge is it will be a tight fit. I got the 2215, CO2 bottle with the AP Carbon Doser in the cabinet and I'm hoping to have space to install a top-off tank. It's going to be a tight fit. I also placed a thin piece of a dense foam yoga mat below the tank. It's probably not needed on a tank this small, but as I've used it on every other build - old habits die hard.

I made a bit of progress today. I managed to get the sections of the lighting power cords that will be exposed painted white. It really helps blend them into the background. They will also be further hidden by running them along the backside of the TrueLumen and down the back corners of the tank - they should all but disappear. I also applied the etching to the back of the tank. I'm very pleased...

Hopefully the ADA order will come in this week and I get started on the hardscape.


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