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Thanks knuggs. I am happy that you actually realized that the whole entire thing. It's basically "not quitting". I hope some people will get my point. I love this hobby, and I know my aquascaping is getting better.

Thank you so much for your suggestion about 140g. Unfortunately, I don't have the Men Power to move this beast. I don't know if you've had 140 before, but man ohhhh man. Not easy to manuvear, to say the least. Hahhahahahahah. So yeah, at this point, it's too risky for me to move it.

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Lol, I love how you changed your mind from quitting to diving even deeper! Says alot for your love of the hobby. Will be looking forward to updates.

I would suggest moving the 140g to the window and the 10g and 30g by the wall, then move the 2 50gs to the other wall.

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