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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
I have to admit, I rarely like these bowls. I think it's a combination of the way the curved glass distorts things, the fact they don't allow for much of a scape, and the fact many are not really scaped much at all.

However, I am loving yours. The driftwood is perfect. I like how you did a foreground, I like your choice of stems. I even like the shape of your bowl better than most. I don't know the term for "modern" 70's furniture but the shape gives it that sort of vibe. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Thanks Talontsiawd, cant agree more, for me bowl was meant to be just some plants and a goldfish , when i saw Newman bowl , i wanted to create a aqua scape in a bowl as well. don't know where this will lead me, may be nowhere or just another bowl.....would really love to get my bowl just the way i imagine it. an aqua scape just like tanks.

Thanks for your encouragement,
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