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Well, it's another rescape day. My objective is to keep things very simple and utilitarian. The rocks provide shrimps with hiding places to molt peacefully. Some plants are in place to clean the water and provide shrimps with some biofilm. Tossed the branch as it was probably restricting water flow. Tossed the Java moss as it was leaving brown stuff at the bottom of the tank.

I put three portions of mini pellia underneath ss mesh that is covering 75% of the tanks bottom. Here's a pic of one of the the mini pellia placed in the UP shrimp sand just before I placed the ss mesh over it. I hope, in months to come, the mini pellia will propagate on the ss mesh and cover the rest of the tank's bottom. For now, I just hope it doesn't die from lack of light as the steel mesh is on top of it.

Here's a pic of the tank getting filled. I sorta messed up my first scape when I used the lily pipe to fill up the tank. So, I got a mister to fill up the first few inches of the tank.

After the water level reaches above a few inches, I started using the lily pipe to fill the tank. Water is from a bucket where I kept the old tank water. I used about 3 gallons of old tank water and about 3 gallons of RO water mixed with some Crystal Geyser.

Took a water test. Everything is still zero. pH is somewhere between 7.4 and 7.8. I hope the pH comes down a bit. Now that I am using shrimp sand, I assume pH should drop a bit within a few days.

Quick shot of the tank although it's not completely filled. Waiting to receive water hardness tester, so I know what water to use to fill the rest of my tank. Of GH is too low, I will use more Crystal Geyser. If it's too high, I will use RO water.

Well, that's it for now. Shrimps are back in their vase for the next few days while I let the water run through the filter a bit and get the water hardness tested.

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