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~Green's Resurrection Aquarium Gallery~ 50g Updates 6/20/12 pg.4: Mountain Scape

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my Resurrection Aquarium Gallery. Some of you may know I have had 140g and 50g when I started this hobby last year (Summer). Almost a year has gone by, I have learned A LOT. I am talking A LOTTTTTTTT. The best lesson learned in the beginning of this year (2012), where every single tank that I have crumbling down. My 140g was ok, but I didn't get what I expect it to be. My 10g was dying slowly but surely because of algae issue. To top it all off, my 50g which I was somewhat proud of, were destroyed within hours because of CO2 issue (here is the thread: (

Yup, that's right. I was very very very very close to quit this hobby. I basically didn't really care for a while. However, inside me will never quit. I know that "giving up" is not in my dictionary. I got knocked down, but I didn't get knocked out.

This is why I decided instead of quitting to have 0 tank, I would have actually dedicated a room just for aquarium/fish tanks only. This will be my Resurrection Aquarium Gallery. From 0 tank, this fills up to 6 tanks (140g, 2x 50g, 30g, 10g, 5g). I know that I am still learning, but I can tell you this. IT WILL BE EPIC. Not to be cocky or overconfidence, but you will enjoy it as much as I do. Let's get started with the pictures of the room.

Here are some pictures as I am building the smaller tanks around my 140g (She's the big momo)

Here comes the soldiers :

Hahahahah, yeah I am happy, but they're not done yet. LOL. It was pretty painful to move 5 tanks around to get the best view and functions at the same time. However, I enjoyed it. So look out, I will be rescaping all these and Updates pictures at least tomorrow. Btw, I would start with 140g. Get ready people. The RESURRECTION is on the way.

Comments, Opinions, Supports, Suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated.

PS: I will have all the tank journal at this thread only instead of 1 by 1.

**** Green ****

Green's Resurrection Aquarium Gallery

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