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Originally Posted by tenzero1 View Post
Looks great! I really like the stain on the cabinet. I am also envious that you have a 12long I want one so bad. This is going to be an awesome build!
Thanks tenzero - I'll get used to it

I finished testing my water sources this morning. Still trying to decide my options. I was hoping that between my well water, RO-only water (for drinking and ice cubes) and zero TDS RO/DI (Reefs) I would have something close to what I needed for this tank. In looking at the results, I'm not so sure...

Water Parameters - API Liquid Tests

------Well----Sink RO----RO/DI (aged)
pH --7.6-----6----------6.4
Gh --< 1---< 1----------0
KH --20------2----------0
TDS 310-----21---------0

If I'm interpreting this correctly, it looks like my best option will be to buffer the RO/DI? I was hoping I'd have an out-of-the-tap option

I've been trying to come up with a shrimp plan, and after reviewing the individual species needs and pairing down what I like - Initially I thought I would target 7.2~7.4pH, 4~5KH, 6~8GH. It appears that would that will provide for the greatest options in shrimp species BUT - It appears that most plants including my intended hc carpet need lower pH levels. Am I better off targeting lower pH and going with CRS like values?

I'm hoping others can provide some advice and offer up recommendations as to specific products or processes. I think I'll try posting this in the water parameters section to see if I can get someone with more experience to assist in coming up with a plan


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