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Originally Posted by philemon716 View Post
That's some lush growth in your larger tank! Can you provide details? Setup, dosing, fertz etc. Thanks!
hi bud, i had diy co2 for a while, ada aqua soil as substrate and 2xT8 tubes,
i used just Seachem Florish when ever i did water change and thats it. nothing else. after a while got lazy and stopped DIY Co2 as well . as long as you have a good substrate and proper lighting you cn get lush growh. the plants you see they are all plants that can grow with medium lightings. most of the stem plants will grow real easy if you have enough light , like hygro and stem plants, foreground it was micro sword and jave moss ,and the trees had java moss as well. With moss you can experiment in different ways. i made carpet of java moss as you can see and also in my driftwood and regular trimmings.
easiest plant to grow as carpet with low light would be java moss. just wrap java moss in a net and tie it with pebbles or rock after a while it will grow and attach together and looks like a carpet. the only thing is its very dense and so gets very dirty and collect debris. but still a cool alternative. just keep on trimming the moss and it will grow even better.
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