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if you want mosses, i have java, christmas, spiky, flame, stringy (locally collected), peacock, and what i believe is taiwan. i got it in a shrimp order as a small little piece and grew it out. oh, and ii also have fiss. fontanus. oh, that might be dwarf chain sword. i do like the look of the s. repens carpet, i just wish i could have grown it without oh well, some plants we can grow, others we can't i also like that new carpet plant out. hydopiper or something like that. very few people have it and only a few pf those have been able to grow it. what i really want is some ug. i would love to have a huge carpet of it in my 125 when i set that back up. but i know a place where i can get it anytime i like, so i'm not too concerned. i'm gonna pm you my plant list in a few, i gotta get it together
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