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haha trimming rotala is pretty easy ill only keep a certain amount of it in the tank so after i get enough to do what i want it to do ill prob sell/trade/roak it away ^^

Flame moss sounds cool hahaha, i was looking more for christmas moss tho for some reason christmas moss looks cool to me. Javamoss is nice but it grows randomly but still makes a nice carpet in my 20 shrimp tank.

Glosso has been doing bad for me, i had it grow nice under 4wpg but in this tank its just growing straight, and when i prune the prune pieces die off !!! but lately its making a recovery, i want it to carpet but that plant isnt priority right now. Just have it in there to be in there. Might convert it over to emersed if i can get the s. repens to take over ^^ ill go s. repens carpet over any carpet any day. (that was alot of any's)

the grass plant was a ROAK from asitff (i just got it like 2 days ago). I believe he labeled them as dwarf chain grass or something. It looks like dwarf sag to me but i could be wrong. (im pretty sure its dwarf sag i use to grow this sucker lol) regardless beautiful plants he grew
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