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40 Gallon Breeder

I didnt want to flood any of the other postings and get off topic :P

So im moving my thread over here to the PA section since i check this every day.

40 gallon breeder tank

175w 6500k metal halide 8 hr photo p.
Flourite black gravel
Pressurized co2: 4-6bps
Index method Dry ferts: KNO3, K2so4, Kh2po4, Mgso4, Cacl2, Csm+b, Flourish Iron
Temp: 80F

Fish: 3 Ottos, 1 SAE, Assassin snail

Decor: 3 crosses, 2 covered in javamoss

Plants: (ill list what i know)
Staurogyne repens
Limnophilia aromatica
Limno sp. ‘Guinea’
Heteranthera zosterfolia
Ludwigia repens arcuata
Ludwigia sp. red
Elatine Triandra
Pogostemon yatabeanus
Rotala colorata
Hemianthus micranthemoides
Limnophila sp. "vietnam"
Myriophyllum matogrossense
Najas sp. Roraima
Hygrophilia Angustifolia
Myrophyllum Simulans
Dwarf hair Grass
Dwarf Chain Swords

40 Breeder on top, 20 gallon CRS/CBS tank on the bottom
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