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Originally Posted by 2in10 View Post
Gorgeous scape.
Thank you sir, means a lot coming from you, your tank has been a huge inspiration for me. It sucks I don't have a tank bigger than 10 gallons with stems now as I always have done stems.

Question...Does Fissidens fontanus attach to everything like Java Moss? I am thinking about making little "bushes" by attaching it to little 1 inch pieces of gravel outside. I don't want it to attach to the substrate though as that bugs me. The only thing that is worse than algae is unwanted moss that attaches to everything and anything.

Also, if you are in the (925) area and want a free 29 gallon, PM me. I put it on craigslist for money but am not getting responses so if someone here gets to me first, it's yours. It has a few scratches and unfortunately one right in front in the middle but it's free. It didn't bother me but if it bothers you, make a farm tank.
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