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Originally Posted by KenRC51 View Post
Thanks for the information. Your setup looks really nice. I've been trying to find ideas of how to hang my light since my ceilings are made of those little sandy dots that falls off when you touch or hit it I can't do any ceiling mounts.

My tank is on one of those 4 tier aluminum stand and right now I am just using the highest tier for the light. I just put my light above the 4th shelf and my tank on the 3rd shelf.
I am no expert but I believe that when you mount something from the ceiling, you usually want to mount it on the top side of the dry wall, meaning the side you can't see. They make "anchors" (not sure if the ones for ceilings are called anchors) for this that disperse the load over a much bigger area than a wall anchor. The issue with this that you need to have a crawl space you can get to so it has to be on the top floor of a place you own, with an unfinished attic. Many of us don't have that. The other option is going into a stud but they are often not in the right places. I have read that wall anchors are not nearly as strong when vertical, like a ceiling, so you shouldn't hang anything heavy when using them. My light is pretty heavy, not that it was an option, again, no expert.

If you plan to use a single, traditional stand, you can go a different route. It's commonly called an "ADA style light bar". This is something that would attach directly to your stand, not a wall or ceiling. You may be able to adapt this to your setup as well. Here is a link to Tom Barr's version-

I was going to do that but I couldn't afford the pipe bender at the time. Some people have been able to have it bent up for them at the hardware store for free but none around here will do it for me (well, many would if they had a pipe bender handy). Some people will buy the pipe bender, be very careful, use it once, and take it back. For me, it's super hard for me to return tools so I just tried my own way.

Their are many ways, again, my way isn't how I would recommend, it just makes sense given the constraints of a home recording studio and the acoustic panels that come with it. If I did it again, I would go with an ADA style light bar.
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