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Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
SWEET! I am present and accounted for.

Why not try to hide the LED's in the hood that came with it and put the drivers under the stand? Would that work, or am I thinking out my @#* again? Lol.

As for the stand. I would do something with a flat top so you don't hide any of the frame. That tank is too sweet to be hidden like that. Lol.

*WARNING* This post was typed while keyboard operator was extremely tired.
Well I think something a little closer to the period would look better, plus I'm going to make the stand with a Craftsman type flare, it should look really nice when it's done. I filled today and no leaks but I would like to polish the glass a little more, it has years of calcium stains from sitting half full.

Originally Posted by Kelli View Post
I was at my LFS yesterday. They recently remodeled and found a stack of metaframe tops still in the box. I'm redoing my own so I nearly cried/pee'd when I saw them but alas they are 20". I can price them if you like?

You are my new best friend and I would definitely like that, pm has been sent and thank you.
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