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@ pandacory, At the moment I'm just using a digital wall timer. I have considered using the multi-controller, but at this time, I'm just using one Grobeam 1000 tile. If I find that I need to use the second one on this tank I will probably add the upgraded controller. First, it does support 4 channels (2 per tile) and second (and more importantly) it eliminates the need for the power "brick" that accompanies each tile. The down side is that the damn multi-controller is exceptionally expensive (more than the cost of a single Grobeam 1000 tile itself). I'd rather reinvest that $ into plants for the time being. Yes the light spread is about 18" x 18" so perfect for my size tank, though considering the height of my stand, I'm holding off on adding the second one to see what kind of results I get. From looking at the light when lit, I'm now worried about algae should I add the second tile to the mix. I tend to agree with you about the G6.

@ Ozydego, yes I'm watching Pugman's thread closely. I wish I could afford a 180P OMG! I'm so jealous! I think flow will be sufficient given the size of my tank, and I'm not really keeping any fish that need a river, lol.
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