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Originally Posted by KenRC51 View Post
Looks nice, what is the on the background? Is it just a box? Can you take a photo of how your light it set up? Is it a DIY hanging light?
The background is foam core poster board. I accidentally picked up some that has adhesive backing which is why their are logos and writting. Normally it would just be white, or whatever color you want. I just didn't feel like going back to the store and will put black paper on when I get a chance. I just moved the tank and before the sides were not very visible so I didn't deal with it. It's super easy to make, you just need a razor blade, a straight edge and some glue. However, if your light isn't super high, you will need to put a light below it (or above it) for it to light up. If I lower my light, I will add a fixture but this light is way overkill for my tank.

As for hanging my light...the way I did it is not how I recommend. I have to work around things people normally would not. I have acoustic panels all over my room and continue to add them as I have time/money. I needed something that didn't take up wall space and the ceiling was out of the question. I used copper pipe. I drilled holes in the end caps and used sheet rock anchors to hold them in. This light is heavy so I had to add some support.

My light has a hanging kit available which would look better than the chain I am using as well but I was under the impression it came with it. I just have not got around to buying it. That would also clean things up.

I would recommend you hang it from the ceiling for the cleanest look. You can also use shelf brackets or brackets for hanging plants if you use the wall. Both will be stronger than what I have and look better. Again, I didn't have that option as I will eventually have a panel right above where the pipe is.

However, here is a picture:
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